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The following ACLD-approved courses are offered for Certified Educators within the State of Alabama who need Professional Learning Unit (PLU) credits or Clock Hours. 

Maximized Growth, LLC has collaborated with Alabama State Department of Education and Alabama Education Association to help educators receive the credits they need for continuing education. We also partner with the Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools for live events as well. 

Our areas of specialty are: Leadership, Communication Strategies and Team Unity

Communicate to Connect: Valuable Communication Strategies for Educators

The purpose of this study is to help participants gain insight and guidance so they can improve their communication strategies, efforts, and techniques that are necessary to remain effective educators in today’s changing world. Anyone can learn to communicate in ways that consistently build powerful connections, however, it requires leaders to be proactive in their…

Stay Strong, Lead Well for Educators

Influential leaders thrive on timing, innovating, and making changes before they are necessary. This study aims to help participants gain insight and guidance to embrace the shifts required in leadership and implement them. They can do this by knowing what type of leader they want to be (transformational) versus their professional title (educator). Influential leaders…

Everybody At the Table

This self-paced course addresses the critical topics needed to fully understand Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Participants will learn how to dismantle stereotypes of peers, students, and other education stakeholders while understanding their biases. They’ll also explore legislation about discrimination, civil rights, and disabilities – what it means to be an educational or organizational leader today….

Crucial Conversations for Racial Harmony

Crucial Conversations for Racial Harmony with Educators is based on the bestselling book, Crucial Conversations (2nd edition) by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, and Al Switzler. During these safe conversations, participants will examine the root causes of systemic racism and how they manifest in society’s education system. Educators from various backgrounds can hone their…

Coaching Skills FOR LEADERS

Unleash the Power of Your People. Through observational learning and practical application, participants will experience a coaching conversation from the perspective of every participant in the conversation. Participants will learn the proven coaching model that works. Coaching is not telling or teaching. Participants will discover how to use a proven coaching model to help team…

Developing the Leader Within You

Develop the Leader Within You, is a self-paced course that examines the differences between various leadership styles and how they can become influential leaders within the educational industry. Based on the philosophies of Dr. John Maxwell, an internationally recognized leadership expert and New York Times best-selling author, helps educators foster integrity, self-discipline, and positive change…